Learning Grants Awarded in Previous Years



School Project Amount
LSMS Hear and be heard with Q Ball $2,838
LSMS & North Lake
& Cavelero
Summer Connect- Creative Arts
Counseling program for 3 schools
LSMS Rainworks $300
LSMS Uukelele Building Club Scholarships $500
& Homelink
Secondary Brakout Activity Supplies $650
Total Awards $5,788


School Project Amount
Hillcrest VEX Robotics Program $785
Hillcrest Listening Centers/Reading $1,546
Cavelero Mid High Flexible Seating $1,933
LSMS Maker Space $985
Total Awards $5,249


School Project Amount
LSHS STEM for special ed  
Highland Retro Phones  
LSMS & North Lake Summer Connect - Creative Arts Counseling
program for 2 schools
LSHS Culinary Program  
Sunnycrest Breakout Boxes  
Glennwood Listening Centers  
Hillcrest STEAM Club  
NLMS & LSMS 7th Grade Science Sound Salmon Solutions  


School Project Amount
LSMS Summer Reading Program $400
LSMS Structured Learning Life Skills Exploratory $528
Mt Pilchuk Inclusive Learning Centers $477
NLMS Title 1 Growth Mindset technology $950
Early Learning Center ELC Reptile Man visit $295
Hillcrest STEAM summer enrichment $1,500
Mt Pilchuk 3D Printer $1,062
Mt Pilchuk Marimba Drums $1,400
Glennwood 10 Sphero 2.0 Balls $1,300
Hillcrest TrueFix subscription $1,245
Total Awards $9,157


School Project Amount
Highland Lego Story Starter $838
Early Learning Center Zoo Phonics $1,204
 LSMS Science fieldtrip to the zoo $1,430
Mt Pilchuck Mirimba Part 2 $1,465
Highland 1st Grade Chrome flip books  
Mt Pilchuk Marimba Music Progarm  
Early Learning Center STEM learning materials  
Early Learning Center Senory Processing materials  


School Project Amount
Highland Kids at Work  
Sunnycrest Guided Reading  
Cavelero Mid-High Memoir Project  
Early Learning Center Optimal Learning Environment  
Early Learning Center ELC Bikes and Helmets  
Total Awards $8,000


School Project Amount
Hillcrest Special Ed writing skills software $2,200
Mt Pilchuk Build to express kets $1,200
LSHS White Boards $1,600
Total Awards $5,000


School Project Amount
NLMS Balance Ball Chairs $700
Mt Pilchuk Multi Sensory Cushions $395
Cavelero Mid-High Bonsai Trees & Technical Writing $848
Early Learning Center Outdoor Playing Area $517
LSMS 7th Grade Zoo Visit $1,500
Total Awards $4,960


School Project Amount
LSMS Hi-Lo Books $1,000
LSMS Geocaching $460
LSMS Lapboards $175
NLMS Podcasting $3,195
Early Learning Center Early Learning Literacy $497
Glenwood Take-0Home Packs $1,000
Total Awards $6,327


School Project Amount
Mt Pilchuk Inclusive Center Time $500
Cavelero Mid-High Connecting With Holocaust Survivors $400
Cavelero Mid-High Student Assistance Program Resource Guides $500
Highland Building Connections through SEE Sign Users $250
LSMS Friendship Club $135
LSMS Family Science Night $250
LSMS Decimal Dogs $588
Cavelero Mid-High Northwest Trek $762
Total Awards $3,385